I Don't Know If You Know This? 

Why is it that confident "relationship aware" men and women "know" 

how to enjoy fulfilling "loving" relationships and successful lives?

It is because they UNDERSTAND that TRUST is the foundation 

upon which ALL relationships are BUILT on.

And that men and women who lack "trust" and "confidence" in

themselves and lack "relationship education." 

Are losing out on LIFE and LOVE success!



  • Because your lack of "education" of how Male - Female relationships work is getting you down?
  • And your Life has gone badly WRONG. Your husband or wife has left you. Your boyfriend or girlfriend has dumped you. Your recently divorced. Or worse still, your dating and relationship life never gets started? And you feeling isolated, in pain, lonely, un-loved and rejected. Even if  you have been in a relationship?
  • Are you suffer from not being able to date, form loving relationships and enjoy intimacy with either men or women?
  • Because you are forced to stand by on the sidelines while others get the Attention, Success, Love, Sex, Happiness and the Social Recognition that you want to feel & enjoy for YOURSELF! 
  • Are you are lacking solid, NATURAL INNER CONFIDENCE, your education, knowledge and experience of men and women in social, personal and sexual situations (which is most men and women) is at best...Basic, and it keeps going wrong for you?
  • Because your UNCERTAINTY and your lack of EDUCATION of HOW male - female relationships REALLY work are holding you back from experiencing love again and even for the "first" time!
  • Are you are missing CRUCIAL KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of the relationship puzzle that goes on between men and women and you just don't GET IT?

Because Men and Women who lack education  and understanding of male - female relationships are literally CUTTING OFF 80-90% of their natural, built-in power. Most men and women live their entire lives this way. Not knowing how much natural power, intuition and confidence they have just sitting there waiting to be harnessed. You keep it all locked up deep inside, too afraid and confused about it.


 Why Is This Happening For Many Men And Women?

Because for many men and women the social programming and bad education, you have been impacted with since early childhood. Parents, school, peers, role models, religion and media are bombarding you with conflicting messages ALL the time. This causes tension, stress, frustration and insecurities because there is so much going on inside of you that SEEMS to go against being a powerful man or woman.

And these SELF SABOTAGING patterns of behavior, recurring circumstances and unsatisfying relationships just lower your confidence and self esteem even more. It ends up being a constant, downward spiral where your world, happiness and potential gets smaller and smaller until you feel choked off, CAGED, depressed, lonely, angry and numb.

Typically, this repression shows up as dis-connection from others, fear of rejection, lack of power and influence, low expectations, judgement and resentments. You develop IRRATIONAL fears, bad habits, excuses, depression, self doubt and a whole battery of negative, self destructive thought patterns.

These negative thought patterns are "running in the background" of your mind. And these "negative" patterns drains your confidence, destroys your self esteem and keeps you insecure, and frustrated with the world.

Because you do not have the Education, Knowledge, Understanding or Experience of how too meet men and women, and build great relationships with them to move forward from there. 

The very thing you want and desire the most...LOVE, HAPPINESS, RELATIONSHIP, INTIMATE SEX and LIFE SUCCESS constantly eludes you!


What Is Most Important To You In Life?

Because you are only fooling your self into thinking that you are unlovable, that you do not deserve success, happiness, sex and the love that others enjoy!

As long as your true "natural confidence" and the parts of you that you have been told are "bad" are covered up and locked away - not only are you cut off from a great source of your potential power but it MORPHS into thoughts, feelings and behaviors that you are ashamed and scared of.

Even depression! 

Because it is not always easy to face the truth of yourself and how you have let your insecurities and lack of knowledge rule and ruin your life. 

You can have the life that you really are capable of having if you only knew how to get past the "stories" you have been telling your self about who you are, what happens to you and how human relationships work. 

How sad, painful and lonely it has become for you. Stuck within your invisible wall of  fears!

Can your life be turned around?




What Is Most Important To You In A Relationships?

IMAGINE what would happen when you live with "Solid Confidence" and you feel good working towards growing and being who you really are. And the more time you spend in honesty with yourself and others, the more time you spend being Attractive, Authentic and CONFIDENT to others.

And here is very little you could want more than for men and women who genuinely enjoy being in your company and find you Sexy, Alluring and TRUSTWORTHY! 

Because TRUST is the foundation upon which, all Human Relationships is built upon.

You don't have to to change your life right now.

Imagine what would happen if you are like those other Men and Woman that others find  CONFIDENT, ATTRACTIVE, VIBRANT and SUCCESSFUL. Whom other men and women ENJOY being with?

Ange Fonce Counselling Psychologist

Ange is an  Author, Speaker, and International Psycho Dynamic Personal Development Coach and Counselling Psychologist. 

A Personal Message From Ange Fonce

Confidence is about improving "loving relationships" as one very powerful way to cultivate "getting-each-other-ness." I am committed to the possibility of people really "getting" each other. I don't go with the view that you need to hide any aspect of yourself, your truth, and who you really are in the world. 

When you cultivate the courage to really BE yourself and say what you mean... to your friends, your family, your boss, and your lover, you become incredibly POWERFUL in your life. The secret sauce to this is being ready and willing to ACCEPT others with confidence, regardless of whether or not they agree with your perspective on what is "right" or "wrong."

I have seen over and over again that this is the master key to...

  • Great sexual relationships
  • Deep love, commitment, and trust
  • General happiness and contentment with life and being the SUCCESS you want to be!

Because confidence depends upon you sharing exactly who you are - which means sharing exactly how you feel no matter how "ugly" you think those feelings to be. 

It all starts with being Truthful and Authentic as YOU.

It has been said that love is a dangerous necessity, a world class mystery.  

No one is its master. 

Perhaps one can suppose that as individuals we merely practice love.  As people hop in and out of relationships in search of love, it can certainly be said then that there is no one right way to behave in a relationship.  

I would not want to tell you how to be in a relationship or conduct your life.

And while I acknowledge that no clear cut formula exists for a totally successful relationships has been paved, let me be clear in saying that there are approaches to relationships that I can absolutely and definitively file in the "dead wrong" department.

It creates great joy in my heart to see people who truly desire to be in committed relationships and effortlessly in real love with people they have entrusted their hearts to.  

As such, I have been struck by how frequently people are admitting that they remain in relationships not out of love but out of fear - fear that although they are not truly happy, that what they currently have just might be as good as it gets for them?

Some women remain with men who they are not excited about because they treat them well and have the ability to be great providers for their families.  

Some men remain with insecure women who lack emotional maturity because they possess all the physical attributes that keep them visually and physically stimulated.  

I  have had women admit that there is not much compatibility between them and the man they are dating, but say...

“But I’ve never had anyone treat me this well before.”  

I have also had men admit that it is hard to get past their woman’s childish and insecure ways but say...

“But I’ve never had a woman who was on my level professionally and came in a package that looked like this before.”  

These same men and women have been extremely apprehensive to walk away from relationships that really are not working because they are afraid that they may not be able to find the highly desirable traits they have in their partners with other people.

I certainly understand that there are those who come along and break the mold.  

They are men and women who are "real" game changers, and once the game’s been changed, there really is no going back.  

And ladies and gentlemen, you have to acknowledge that the mere fact that someone you find you are "attracted" too, does not always make them a great catch for you to be in a relationship with.  

You cannot hold on to someone because they are the best you have had so far and you are afraid that you will not find someone comparable if you let them go.  

Well, you can, but you probably should not.  

Happiness is paramount, and if you are not truly happy with another…you cannot force it.

I trust that people can have whatever it is they think they can have.  

If you think a person that you really should leave is the best you may ever have, it’s likely you will never have better.  

Now what possibilities would exist if you would rather choose to think that if you had it once, you can have it again…and maybe even better?  

Imagine who could come into your life if you would simply change your perspective?  

Instead of having the attitude that you may be losing out on a good thing, use your experiences with this man or woman as proof that people like him or her do indeed exist and that they happen to be attracted to you.  

Although your current relationship won’t last, you know now that a relationship with a man or woman who treats you extremely well is possible.   

You can rest in that and move on with joyful anticipation of what is to come.

When you find the person who truly melts your heart, you have found that  someone "special" to  practice the sharing of  your love with.  

And, let us agree right now that this whole staying in relationships because you are scared of the what-ifs business is not good for you and should be filed away in the dead wrong department I talked about earlier. 


First of all in discussing relationships it is important to point out that relationships in their current form in modern society are not working. Statistics and from my own experience in this field of human behavior show that out of every ten new marriages.  7 will fail within 10 years.

That means 70% of couples will divorce. 

It is a "huge" investment of your life that is going to be lost when you get it wrong!

"Statistics show that out of every ten new marriages.  7 will fail within 10 years.

That means 70% of couples will divorce."

Why Is That Happening For So Many Men And Women?

Once you fall in love and get married or enter a civil partnership. You take the vow to  honor and love each other forever, in sickness and in health. Even though you may truly hope for this at the time, the evidence is that  fairy-tail marriages, in which a couple gets together and lives happy ever after is, and are very rare. 

Yet deep down many people still expect this to happen for them, and when it does not. Both men and women end up feeling deeply disappointed and hurt.

If on the other hand you are taught the reality of relationships and what it entails to build a real relationship with another human being. You would be better equipped to build and nurture "real," loving and intimate relationships with your lover or lovers.

Societies,  cultures and religions have decreed that you marry or be in a relationship for love and that love should last a life time. This is a wonderful proposition and ideal. However because you as  either a man or a woman are given little or no education on how to achieve this impossible ideal, you as a man or a woman are doomed to fail in trying to live up to this impossible ideal. 

Also in modern relationship you are trying to do something with male - female relationships that no previous society or culture has ever tried to do before.

The bringing together of "Sex, Love, Relationship and Intimacy." 

Plus when you add all the demands of modern life and you are doing something that has not been done by Humanity in the past.

It is IMPORTANT to understand the impact of this - to understand that you as a man or woman  are a pioneer,  one of the first of  Humankind to ever attempt to combine love, sex, relationship, career, family and lifestyle in such a sophisticated way before. 

With no REAL form of education and role models.

The old ways of society, culture and religions are not equipping you for the demands placed on you as an individual for modern life.  No wonder so many men and women have difficulties. It is not simply to do with you or your partner's inadequacies. 

It is a HUGE CHALLENGE and there is very little education on weaving together love, sexual passion, relationship, career, lifestyle and family in this constantly changing modern world that will last for a lifetime. That is why I LOVE the work I have been doing for the last 25 years with individuals and couples (same sex couples too).

Most individuals and couples do no look to this type of education until they have BIG troubles. 

And yet GENDER EDUCATION and EMOTION INTELLIGENCE have become more CRUCIAL in this modern, demanding, sophisticated World. More than "intellectual intelligence" alone.

Close, loving relationships provide the potential for the highest love-making possible. It is worth working on your self if you want to open up more possibilities in the area of relationships, love making and success in your life. 

The subject of relationships deserves many books, so I will not try to cover everything I have studied, experienced and taught in this area for many many years.

It is beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind, the essence of you. Someone who takes the time to undress and appreciate your conscience and make love with your thoughts. Someone that wants to help you slowly take down the walls you have built up around your heart and let them inside to share "intimacy" with you and you alone. 

To love all your vulnerabilities in embracing you.

WHY possessing Solid Confidence and RELATIONSHIP AWARENESS really does make a BIG difference to your life! 

What I educate in Gender Education For Human Relationships is foreign to most men and women. As soon as I mention the work involved to do with love, sex, intimacy and relationship. Most men and women bulk at the REAL work and learning they have to do on themselves. And yet those men and women who do choose to work with me, find themselves on an amazing journey of personal self discovery and awareness that builds their self confidence and success in their relationships. 

I genuinely think that most men and women are wanting to end the "battle of the sexes" and enter into joint journeys of personal growth and sexual, emotional personal fulfillment.  Be it  "spiritual" or "material," men and women are genuinely wanting to share "intimacy" with each other on equal terms.

I observe,  both social and culturally that we are entering what you could call the "we generation" that is growing after the "me generation" that has been going on for the past decades. I  see this happening on a global level, the evidence is everywhere.  I also experience it from my clients who come from all over the world.

You need all the education and awareness you can get to make your relationships work in this ever increasing "high pressure" lifestyle so many men and women are living these days at all levels.

It makes a difference to your own personal development, social courting, relationships, sex, plus all other areas of your life. 

Like your career, social standing, health and fitness.

And I do know you deserve to become such a Man or Woman who is Confident, Attractive and Desirable to others.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


" I have been working with Ange for over a year now and the insights I have gained are numerous and priceless. The thing of most value has been this: learning to hold my boundaries and a greater discernment of what kinds of people I should be investing my time and feelings into. Before Ange's guidance, I was not aware of how in certain situations our minds can fool us into confusing low caliber imbeciles for royalty, and mistakingly lavish our personal gifts onto them.

Working with Ange Fonce has been a grounding experience. Not only does he work with his students to empower them with the right tools to help enable them to operate from the most informed place, he also genuinely cares despite their circumstances, that he will still invest his time and resources and sees to it that they get a chance to work with him and succeed. It is important to note that in this day and age where life coaches infiltrate the market (and Internet in particular) and high cost is exchanged for cookie cutter, fortune cookie advice, Ange is very different. While most other popular life coaches are on this gimmicky, money making kick, his number one focus is always on his student's growth and well being first and foremost. He takes ample time to get to know you and what *you're* about and provides the teachings necessary to home the skills necessary for the outcome you want to achieve. He's no greedy, new age wu wu gimmick artist who is only out to take your money by parroting the canned philosophies that is prevalent in the self-help, new age circuits that has become so widespread and unchallenged these days thanks in part to the Internet.

His teachings are well rooted in the study of psychology and biology as well as its cutting edge developments through latest research along with concrete, well documented findings of how the human brain works and how we operate as social beings and much more. Each session with him is like a college course in the study of not only psychology, but biology, history and neurology only of course it's a lot more interesting than a classroom. The learning is substantial and personal growth measurable and solid."

Asma   California USA 

 "I would recommend you to anyone, because it’s so encouraging and beneficial. You challenge people to think deeper, to be more authentic. I feel very natural with you and I have nothing to hide, very nice coach with whom I feel so open and relaxed. I love your website, articles and everything you do it’s simply professional.  You deserve my total respect and I am very thankful for working with you. Every session we have is fun, easy and just enjoyable.

I just enjoy every aspect of our session.  We are open and honest. I love all exercises you gave me they are challenging, but very useful. I have never thought that it would be so great working with professional coach like you. You gave me hope and courage to go forward, to trust in myself. Of course, I am still learning and I want to learn and grow further. You are only one who saw me in a very different angle without judgement and critics. As I said people see me not like you do, that’s’ why I can be so trustful with you, say everything without being scared. That means a lot to me!

What I love about our session is open communication. I wish I had this conversation with my parents or my past men.  Now I know how important to be vulnerable, how important to show my feminine side. I have never been so open like I was with you. I think, we have an amazing friendship it’s not like I am your patient who is always depressed and unhappy with life. We worked for couple month and I feel totally different now. I feel more confident, my life goes on and I became more relaxed. Thank a Million!"     

Sazhida Samadi... Almaty Kazakhstan

 "Thank you Ange for the great session we had the other day! My partner Paul felt so comfortable with you and I felt that you helped both of us see new options in our relationship! I would recommend you highly!

The fun thing is that we are in Southern California and you are in England! Wow... So great to talk to someone in the privasy of your own home!

Both Paul and I enjoyed talking with you a great deal yesterday! My instincts were right, you were a great person to talk to. Paul felt really comfortable talking to you even about a delicate subject and that made me feel good too. You gave us some good food for thought and we ARE looking forward to those assignments you told us about so do remember to send those our way!"

Robin Wethe Altman....USA

"If you want to attract quality partners, you have to be one yourself. Ange Fonce’s Gender Education Life Style Coaching offers the tools, guidance, education, and support you need to look, feel, and attract your best!"       

 Lauran Brenner....USA

 "Where do you derive your confidence? you seem mystical to me Ange...

Ange Fonce is the most amazing coach/therapist/friend! Talking to him is like the best mental massage you could ever imagine. HIGHLY RECOMMEND him (and he has the greatest voice, too). If you are "stuck" at any time, he's your man."   Mindy Diane Clark...USA

"Hello Ange,

I loved our session and feel very grateful that you sat with me that long. I also appreciate the validation. I needed that. Pleasure was all mine! Thank goodness you are very legit, practical, and methodical in your coaching and not a cheesy fluff master."    

Asma Ansari...USA

"That's lovely as usual, the interview about the powers of the brain and mind......Wow!!!"

Ahlam Ghanem Ltief....Lebanon

"I so appreciate you emphasizing that men and women Are actually more alike than different. Some other Authors and people who work in this field speak and focus about the differences and it is refreashing for you to focus on how in spite of different sexes, we are All mirrors for each other and Human beings.

Thankyou Ange for helping me and others to see that we are ONE Ange...........Uniting rather than separating."

Angnes Napenas....USA

"Really needed to read this, and will re-read a few times. Its something everyone ought to read, maybe......even taught in schools, thanks for sharing Ange"

Kelly Rose Brown Mahoney....Canada

" I always enjoy your notes and writings so much. This is so thought provoking and so true. You always leave me thinking so much deep thoughts about what you have writern and taught me Ange. Can't wait for the next meeting"

Lynda Beauchamp Thornhil....USA

"List 25 things you would like to do/see/have in your lifetime. It's so true!!!:). This is what I ment when I said this year. I would like to go places and do things I don't know about and I have never seen or done before. Your writings and your guidence to me is an Inspiration to both men and women!!!:) Happy thank you"

Geneva Cruz....Manila. Philippines.

"Thanks Ange...you were so right in not denying passion and love...Im glad I spoke to you as im much clearer and feel gr8 :)" "I am diving in deep and letting it take me where ever its ment to go...im riding the wave...Thanks to you Ange. Yes you are right Ange I do relate to that well now...sex and passion. Thankyou for helping me find my own answer and face my fear:)"


"Life development coach with deep insight into the modern social realm and it's demands on the individual. Ange has an intellectual understanding and a psychological mastery of the masculine and feminine dynamics, emotional needs and gender accents. He is a charismatic individual with refreshing straight talking style, an infusion of good humour and art, which relates to people and launches them onto the road to aspiration and action."

Babbs Shakir....Abu Dahbi

"Intimate Communion is also having the courage and openess to have honest, transparent and vulnerable dialogue with one another, without judgement, no matter how painful or uncomfortable that may be - the closeness this promotes when sincere is other worldly. Thank you for trusting me and letting me be me, and listening, dare I say you "fixed" me Ange especially as you know I've got a bit of devilish, naughty streak ;) much love xxxx"

Sharon.... UK

"See, women are wired to want to be with Masculine Men." Hence you knew I would be returning for cream.. Arghhh.. And yet this so true... Society is taking that away from men.. and from women! Men are trying to be something they think women want.. And women are too proud to admit to wanting a strong masculine male..Out in the 'world' I have always been the tough one.. I could do anything. I could even lift the same weight as a man. I was called domineering.. ice queen.. And yet during that period, the most intense relationship that I had.. in fact the most intense I have ever had, was with a man who was simply that.. a man.. a masculine man.. No matter how tough we portray ourselves to be, it is a masculine man that compliments us.Merci ♥".#

Karen O'Mooore.... South Africa

"Ange you so inspire me!!! Thank u so much for this entry I share so much of what you write with so many people. I too see women as so many so unhappy so dead they are always asking me how come I am so happy. It took me many years to so embrace the beauty of the woman that I am!!!! Yet now OMG I can't and do not care to ever be any other way. Being a woman is a precious gift and I so cherish all that I am. Namaste" 

Jaki Pozdzic....USA

"Thankyou so much for the chat and coaching session this morning ange. You real care about the people you work with. I appreciate you with all my heart."

Ali Bashir....UK

"I love the article you wrote about the depth and immeasurable intensity of a woman's love, and how overwhelming it can be, and about staying open and vulnerable...is weird, I've had several Aha! moments lately...and your columns have definitely helped......you're a great catalyst man....! You are the best....You're doing God's work my friend.....I can't thank you enough, and great job opening up the dialogue between men and women, is time to bridge the gap, cross the abyss that's been separating us for years.....time to get healthy in our hearts, and some sanity in our minds......I know it's ours for the taking......Wishing you the best my friend for all the support you gave me"

Brian Coscione....USA

“AF. Is amazing. I FOUND a lot of support at the right time , wt him. Really gratefull. LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU AF”

Silvia Colis....USA

"I adore your services to educate people on what it takes to enjoy life as the couples together without giving ways to social evils like divorce, separation, and the like, etc., ... so that a long lasting relationship could be built with love and truth. Keep it up and you live by your examples. May God Bless you ! Ange Fonce"

Mohan Rose Ali..... India

"Thank u for replying to my msgs and helping me I really to appreciate yo input coz I wud really wana learn more abt men and understand them better."

Adelina Lungu....Lusaka, Zambia

Ange Fonce

"The greatest compliment you can give us is when you share this with others. 

I sincerely appreciate it” 

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