How Is Your Body Language As A Woman. Are You a Frump Or Are You ATTRACTIVE?

Hi there All,

As a Woman, have you ever imagined what it is about certain women that leaves men breathless?

Is it their looks?

Their personality?

Something else that's completely UN-measurable?

Imagine if you could learn the "secret" to being the kind of woman that affects a man deep at the core, that magnetically draws him in?

Because You can!

For years I've taught my clients how certain words, attitudes and body language can almost magically attract a man.

Because You can learn these methods and techniques for yourself, through my  program. In DYNAMIC DATING, I reveal the specific qualities every woman must have in order to be irresistible to a man. 

So do you ever feel uptight, nervous or anxious around a particular man you're attracted to, and that there was a way you could just RELAX and feel more confident?

What if you could walk into a room and completely take COMMAND of a man simply by the way you walk, stand and carry yourself?

Wouldn't it feel so liberating to be able to attract a man simply by being YOUR CONFIDENT SELF, simply by letting go of any negative thoughts or fears, and just relax into the most self-assured, positive and magnetic you?

It's totally do-able!

And in this article, I'm going to show you exactly how you can learn to make small changes that will completely change your "energy" and be magnetic to any man you meet.

Think about a woman you know who has great charisma.

A woman who lights up a room with her radiance and energy.

A woman who men gravitate toward and follow.

A woman who always seems to have men following her, listening to her, and laughing with her.

She has a kind of natural charisma, or she's been blessed with a great "look."

Everything seems to come easily to her.

Here's what I know now, after years of trial and error and research and observation with both men and women.

You don't need to have natural charisma or be born with "model" looks to get what you want or to attract the man you want and have a great life.

Great charisma and radiant, magnetic energy is something that you can LEARN.

You can actually have a natural, "organic" transformation through an easy, step-by-step process. It doesn't have to be or feel fake (although most changes feel awkward at first... that's ok!)

It's not about contorting yourself to be someone you're not. It's about dropping the defenses and FALSE ideas you've been holding all your life and letting your true, natural feminine power shine through.

To demonstrate what I'm talking about, here's just one basic tip about how to improve your confidence and energy by making just a small change in a certain facial muscle...


You may not have noticed this, but when you're feeling tense or nervous, you press your lips together.

Try it right now. Think about a recent conversation or event that completely threw you off balance and angered you, or made you anxious.

Like when he called to cancel a date you were looking forward to. Or he turned his back on you when you needed to talk, or vent.

Are you imagining something like that? Ok...

Notice how your lips oh-so-slightly press together. They tense up and your mouth looks smaller and tighter.

Now think about something sensual, relaxing.

Really get into the visual. Maybe you're imagining petting your dog or cat. Maybe you're imagining your man telling you he loves you and he's stroking your hair.

How does that change the way your lips feel?

Are they relaxed and slightly parted?

So here's the tip: When you're feeling s stressed, anxious, tense, do something that feels COUNTERINTUITIVE.

Relax your lips, and part them slightly. You'll notice an immediate simultaneous shift in your "energy" from tense to calm.

But more importantly, this remarkable technique can also make you APPEAR more relaxed and self-confident, even when you're in a very tense situation. Like on a date, or having an emotional conversation with your boyfriend or husband.

Looking more self-confident and relaxed opens you up and sends the signal that you're OPEN and vulnerable - which is actually an irresistible visual "signal" to a man.

Isn't that something?

Men are DRAWN and MAGNETIZED to a woman when she's relaxed, vulnerable, soft on the outside but STRONG on the inside.

Any woman can learn how to become more attractive and magnetic simply by tapping into her natural inner beauty and feminine energy.

If you've ever imagined why, despite being intelligent, witty, funny or pretty, you STILL experience:

  • A man telling you that he considers you a "friend" when you've been longing and pining away for him, or intimate with him
  • Relationships that never get past the first few weeks or months, before he starts losing interest or paying more attention to his work, hobbies or friends than you
  • The heartbreak of having a man break up with you because he says he's not ready for a serious relationship, only to see him immediately start dating again, falling in love, and"getting serious" with another woman.
  • If you find yourself feeling hurt and disappointed because you feel SECOND BEST to everything and everyone in a man's life, simply because he's just not that attached or devoted to you, and you have NO IDEA what to say and do to turn things around, I can help.

In my DYNAMIC LIFE DEVELOPMENT program, you'll learn specifically how to get to a man's HEART. By having great Energy and Self Confidence and that your Femininity GLOWS.

  •   Because you will not ATTRACT a man through his head-- by being witty and a great conversationalist. That won't get you anywhere deep with a man.

  •   Because you will not ATTRACT a man by being sweet and generous, which never works to endear a man to you in the   right way.

  •   Yes, you can ATTRACT a man by being great in bed. BUT that doesn't do anything to make him fall in love and build INTIMACY with you. Sex only serves to bond YOU to HIM, not necessarily the other way around.

None of those things that you think will work, actually do anything to make a man fall in love with you.

Instead, you'll learn how to appeal to his EMOTIONAL side - which is the only way to a man's heart.

Find out what "DYNAMIC DATING" is and what you can do to also be able to attract men effortlessly and bring them close.

So many women (and men) have already changed their love lives because of  DYNAMIC LIFE DEVELOPMENT. Consider what the Power of Solid Self Confidence will do for yourself, your life and your relationships, too.

I personally have survived a lot of heartache in my personal life, I have worked with many women who have too, survivors of terrible abuse to having men tell them "we were only just "pals" after dating him and sleeping with him for more than a year! Only to have him fall for another woman in a way he never fell for them.

I know many women I have worked with who have wasted a lot of time in bad relationships. But you don't have to!

I put a lot of work and effort into figuring out exactly what it is that attracts a man and triggers that deep longing in him that he can't help but call "love."

This is what "DYNAMIC DATING" is all about. It is a CORE part of DYNAMIC LIFE DEVELOPMENT

It's about how to approach a man so that he sees you as girlfriend material from day one.

It's about how to talk to a man and share your thoughts and feelings so that he feels an inexplicable desire to be near you, and to embrace you and be loving toward you.

Imagine you can learn how to BE the woman he always wanted, and will give up everything to be with:. As a body in a world, here is your choice: you can be more loving or less loving. That's it.

You can relax as the entire moment's show of love's swirl, feeling open as all--a vicious rainstorm, tweeting birds, your lover's lips, a sense of worthlessness--or you can close to some aspect of experience, pulling away as if you were separate.

What do you choose?

DYNAMIC DATING........Enough said.

Catch you later